For the first time, in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, a singer’s sbornik, (in Russian), has now been published containing 65 Special Melodies, (SAMOPODOBNY), which were carefully gathered and expertly harmonized.  This lavish sbornik is offered in hard cover with gold lettering and trim, printed in large book format.


This sbornik, titled “Special Melodies: The Lost Jewels of the Russian Orthodox Church”, is dedicated to Father Heiromonk Ignaty Trepatschko,    (+ 2/16/91(os) – 3/1/91(ns)), revered defender of God’s Word, high authority of 8 tone structure and master of special melodies and 8 tone singing.  Father Ignaty, for 30 plus years, was the distinguished and dedicated Choir Director of the Holy Trinity Monastery, in Jordanville NY. 


This sbornik, which is highly recommended to all Church choir directors and all musical enthusiasts, contains selections such as: “O Divnoe Chudo”, “Nebesnix Chinov”,  “Raduysya”, “Kto Tvou Spase Rizy Razdra”, “Tridneven”,  “Angelskiya”, “Hoteh Slezamy Omyti” and many, many more.  Some special melodies have multiple arrangements, based on different chants, (i.e. Kievsky napev,  Valaamsky napev, etc…).


To place an order, please send a cashiers check, money order or bank draft (in US Funds) for $28.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling (in the US) to the address below (for orders outside the US and/or overseas, please include $7.00 for shipping and handling).


                                      Nicholas Trepatschko

                                      39 Redhill Drive

                                      Stafford, VA 22554


                   E-mail:  NICKTREP@AOL.COM

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May God Bless You, Your family, Your Parish, Monastery, Convent, School or Mission, and may this sbornik be a product we can all share together in love and thanksgiving.


In Christ,

Nicholas Trepatschko

Choir Director

Church of the Assumption